It's A Trap!

A live action game where up to eight adults are locked in an immersive room and have one hour to explore, complete an objective, and escape.

The Concept

Teams of eight physically explore their environment, experience a narrative, interact with a live performer, and solve story-driven puzzles based on the scenario.

Step Into a Movie

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Live Another Life

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Gameplay and Rules

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The Games


Public Tickets

  • Regular: $23
  • Exclusive: $28
  • Discount with ID: $20
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Frequently Asked Questions

Tickets can be purchased at the door, but it is recommended that you purchase your ticket online ahead of time. Go to "ticket info" on the left and click "view schedule and buy". From there you can choose your game and time., choose your game and click Book. From there choose the number of tickets, date and time and pay! $23 adult tickets, $20 discounted.

The minimum age for public games is 14+, or 10+ with an adult. While children may enjoy some puzzles, the game is best enjoyed by adults who understand the complexity of the game and fragility of the set pieces. For younger children we offer It's A Trap Junior birthday parties which are set up beforehand as a special event. See the Special Events section under Tickets for more info.

Please click the "View Schedule and Buy" button under the Tickets section and then choose your game to view the specific schedule. The Tickets page also tells you what games are playing that week.

When checking out online, choose the type of ticket you wish to redeem. Children tickets (Ages 10-13) should be purchased as a student ticket (keep in mind ages 10-13 are required to have an adult present). NOTE: You must bring your related ID with you or you will be charged the $3 difference at the door.

The promotion is only valid for adult tickets. When checking out online, the discount is automatically applied if you choose 8 of them. In your cart, you will see that the price of 7 adults is the same as the price for 8 adults.

No. There are ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS. If you have more than eight, it may be possible to split your party across two rooms by simply purchasing some tickets for each room instead of all for one room.

No. If you buy eight tickets online and bring a ninth person at the door and your party is unable to be split up into two game rooms, then one of you cannot go in.

It's possible. There are eight slots for the room for any given time, so other people may purchase the other slots or they may not. If you want to guarantee a private game you will need to purchase all eight slots (group pricing applies). You may enter as strangers, but you'll leave as friends!

Check out our exclusive games on Wednesday and Thursday nights starting in October! At $28/tickets (no other discounts), you can purchase the room for your team. If you’d like your party to pay individually, you must purchase 1 ticket online to reserve the game and up to 7 more can pay at the door.

Please be sure to look at the following week since our games alternate. One week is Magic Mirror and Void the Eclipse, the next week is Imprisoned Creatures and Clarity Now!, the next week is Magic Mirror and Void the Eclipse, etc.

Legally you are not allowed to lock someone in without a way out (such as emergency keys in the room), so we don't pretend to! Instead, the story and scenario are crafted in such a way that you would not want to leave.

Our games are not designed to be scary! Some of the environments are dark and intentionally creepy, but there are no scare tactics waiting to jump out at you.

All the solutions for the puzzles are within the room. You do not need any existing knowledge of gaming, science, or magic in order to play. Just an inquisitive mind and observant eye!

Yes, in fact we encourage it. However note that any bulky pieces such as large wings, swords, etc. may not be carried during the game.

This will vary on a case by case basis. If notified beforehand we will do our best to accommodate you. Here are the most common problems:
  • There are fog effects used, however if notified beforehand they can be removed.
  • The game relies heavily on reading and listening. If necessary we recommended an aid play with you to assist.
  • Wheelchair: The rooms are fully ADA compliant with plenty of room to maneuver, however some clues might be hidden a bit out of reach. It is recommended that you have an aid play with you to assist.
  • Epilepsy: occasionally there might be flashing lights. If your seizures are triggered by them, note that they cannot be removed.



"I cannot stress enough how much attention to detail went into this experience. You were in an interactive set….lights, sights, sounds, and even smells were used in the puzzles to enhance the story."
- Behind The Thrills

"Other escape rooms have challenges...but only this place has the plots and the narratives, and it makes all the difference in the world."
- Kevin Yee, Ultimate Orlando

"...[they make] immersion easy with gorgeously detailed set design, atmospheric lighting, and appropriately timed music and sound effects."
- Jason Dorough, Fandomania


The Team

Debra Beardsley


Alex Beardsley


Kaitlin Bellamy


Toni Bonaccorso

Production Manager/Performer

Adam DelMedico


Christopher Frazier


Henry Gibson


Melanie Leon


Cory Owens


Laura Young

Event Manager/Performer