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We've launched our Kickstarter campaign. Check us out now and help us give our puzzle rooms the theatrical touches they deserve!

The Concept

You and seven other adults have a single hour to escape one of our themed and immersive rooms. As you progress through the game by finding clues and solving puzzles, you will progressively unlock the story as well.

What is Immersive?

What does a wizard's hut look, sound, or even smell like? When you look outside the window, do you see white drywall or bushes and leaves? An immersive room creates a sensory experience in order to suspend your disbelief. At It's a Trap! our goal is to create a fully immersive experience that will transport you into another universe.

  • Wizard's table with potions, jewels, and a magic lamp.
  • A model of the set for the fantasy game set in a wizard's hut.
  • A model of the set for the super hero game set in a bank.
  • Various diagrams of steam related machines to be used in the steampunk set.