A Pirate Tale: The Legendary Cea Sisters
Difficulty Rating:
Ages: 14+ only

Your pirate crew performs a mutiny against Captain Rosebeard by trying to steal the object of his desire: the source of the Cea Sisters' Dark Powers.

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A Pirate Tale: The Gold of Gangplank Grotto
Coming soon!

You are a pirate crew searching for treasure rumored to be stored in a hidden grotto.

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Superhero: Save the City
Difficulty Rating:
Ages: 14+ alone, 10+ with adult

You and your fellow NYPD officers must assist the superheroine Clarity take down the evil Dr. Void.

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Public Tickets

  • Regular: $25
  • Discount with ID: $20
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  • Purchase seven adult tickets and the eighth ticket is FREE!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Tickets can be purchased at the door, but it is recommended that you purchase your ticket online ahead of time since there is limited space. Click "ticket info" on the left and then click the "view schedule and buy" button. From there you can choose your date and time, and pay! $25 adult tickets, $20 discounted tickets.

The minimum age for our Super Hero and Super Villain games are 14+ OR 10+ with an adult. While children may enjoy some puzzles, the game is best enjoyed by adults who understand the complexity of the game and fragility of the set pieces.

The minimum age for the Pirates: Legend of the Cea Sisters game is 14+ only due to mature content and puzzle difficulty.

For younger children we offer It's A Trap Junior birthday parties which are set up beforehand as a special event. See our "parties and events" site for more info.

The games we offer are listed under the "games" section on the left. For specific times and dates, please click "ticket info" on the left and then the "view schedule and buy" button. The Tickets page also tells you which games are available for that week.

When checking out online, choose the type of ticket you wish to redeem. Child tickets (ages 10-13) should be purchased as a student ticket (keep in mind ages 10-13 are required to have an adult present). NOTE: You must bring your related ID with you or you will be charged the $5 difference at the door.

No. There are ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS. If you have more than eight, it may be possible to split your party across two rooms by simply purchasing some tickets for each room instead of all for one room.

No. If you buy eight tickets online and bring a ninth person at the door and your party is unable to be split up into two game rooms, then one of you cannot go in.

For regular public games, it's possible. If you want to guarantee a private game you will need to purchase all eight slots which will guarantee you a private game, or set up a special event with us beforehand on off days/hours (no extra cost). You may enter as strangers, but you'll leave as friends!

Just like a movie or theatrical show, we cannot offer refunds. If given at least 24 hours notice we will be glad to reschedule. You may sell or give your ticket to anyone else at your discretion, however please notify us so that we are aware of the transfer as we check in attendees by name.

There is ABSOLUTELY no late admittance. Just like a movie or theatrical show, this is a live event which happens whether you attend or not, therefore we cannot offer refunds or reschedule. However if you wish your group can be placed on standby for that day. That means if you are physically present when the next available game starts and there is space available, your group may go in.

Legally you are not allowed to lock someone in without a way out (such as emergency keys in the room), so we don't pretend to! Instead, the story and scenario are crafted in such a way that you would not want to leave.

Your experience will last approximately one hour.

Our games are not designed to be scary! Some of the environments are dark and intentionally creepy, but there are no scare tactics waiting to jump out at you.

All the solutions for the puzzles are within the room. You do not need any existing knowledge of gaming, science, or magic in order to play. Just an inquisitive mind and observant eye!

Yes, in fact we encourage it. However note that any bulky pieces such as large wings, swords, etc. may not be carried during the game.

This will vary on a case by case basis. If notified beforehand we will do our best to accommodate you. Here are the most common problems:
  • There are fog effects used, however if notified beforehand they can be removed.
  • The game relies heavily on reading and listening. If necessary we recommended an aid play with you to assist.
  • Wheelchair: The rooms are fully ADA compliant with plenty of room to maneuver, however some clues might be hidden a bit out of reach. It is recommended that you have an aid play with you to assist.
  • Epilepsy: occasionally there might be flashing lights. If your seizures are triggered by them, note that they cannot be removed.



"Other escape rooms have challenges...but only this place has the plots and the narratives, and it makes all the difference in the world."
- Kevin Yee, Ultimate Orlando

"...[they make] immersion easy with gorgeously detailed set design, atmospheric lighting, and appropriately timed music and sound effects."
- Jason Dorough, Fandomania


The Team

Debra Beardsley


Alex Beardsley


Toni Bonaccorso

Production Manager

Summer Elcock

Stage Manager

Stephanie Elfont

Stage Manager

Douglas Jensen

Front of House

Chris Yodonis

Stage Manager

Ashlee Ballew


Katharine Boelter


Chris Frazier


Alexander Hehr


Morgan Howland-Cook


Lauren Morrison